CAR Full Detail Premium Package

In & Out Plus a Deep Interior Cleaning, Ceramic Spray Wax, + More!

  • 229 US dollars

Service Description

3-5 Hours Of Skilled Labor Exterior washing of: - Hand Wash and Dry of Exterior - Door Jams and Trunk Seals - Rim Degreasing and Tire Treatment - Windows spotless - Microfiber Hand Drying - Premium CERAMIC Spray on Wax - Tire Shine applied Interior Cleaning of: - Floor Vacuuming - Leather Conditioning and Cleaning - ****CARPET SHAMPOOING AND SEATS AS WELL - Extreme Pet Hair or Trash Removal - Seat Vacuuming - Interior windows and mirrors spotless - Entire Dashboard dusted and cleaned - Dashboard Protectant & Shine - Center Console Cleaned, Protected, & Shined - Floor Mats Cleaned/Shampooed - Interior Deodorizer/air freshner - Trunk Cleaned and Vacuumed - Seats Cleaned and Conditioned (Leather and others)

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation and rescheduling is accepted anytime. We will be flexible to your schedule to get to you when you are ready for us. There are no cancellation fees or rescheduling fees. Refunds will be immediately sent on cancellations and take 5-7 business day to process with the payment systems.

Contact Details

+1 4696296775