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TRUCK/LARGE SUV Monthly Hand Wash

A Monthly Hand Wash To Keep Your Car's Paint Looking Pristine & Avoiding Scratches From Auto Washes

    Service Description

    (NOTE: THIS PACKAGE IS FOR SMALL AND MIDSIZE (2 row) SUVS & CROSSOVERS AND COMPACT TRUCKS) You want your car washed. Just the outside. But you don’t want to wait in a line, or put your car's paint through an automatic car wash that can scratch your paint over time. And nobody wants to use those old coin machine car washes either. You also don’t want to spend an arm and a leg. Well, we got you covered! Keep your car looking its best all year round with our Car Exterior Only Hand Wash Subscription. Our professional team will ensure that your car's exterior is always sparkling clean, saving you time and effort. Subscribe today and enjoy a shiny, clean car without lifting a finger. What’s included - 1 Monthly gentle, no scratch exterior hand wash - Soft Microfiber Hand Dry - Thorough Exterior rim hand cleaning - Exterior Windows Cleaned - Glossy Non Slinging Tire Shine Applied that lasts for days! - Bug removal (Extreme bug removal +$10) - 30% Discount our full detailing packages! Advantages over an Automatic Car Wash Subscription - Hand washing a car is way better on the car's paint. The rollers from automatic car washes can damage the paint and cause it to look dull over time due to the amount of times it scrubs the surface with the rollers along with the dirt it picks up from other cars before yours. Hand washing a car ensures that your paint is wiped gently as few times as needed to get it cleaned. Less wipes equals less scratches in the clear coat, which means your paint stays looking new and clearer giving it a longer life span. - There is no waiting in long lines to go through the automatic car wash. We are mobile and come to you, giving you the convenience of choosing a time that best matches your schedule - Relaxing: Relax in the comfort of your home, or have us come out to your job while you work! - Tire shine applied on all exterior washes giving you that “just washed” feel for days! Your subscription can be used on any vehicle you choose each book. (Example: if you have 2 cars, and only want them cleaned every other month, you could alternate which car gets cleaned each month. Or If you want to gift a cleaning to someone you can book it for them for one of your months!) Add Ons: (You can add on quick services when needed as well or your interior!) - Vacuum Floors $15 - Interior Windows $5 - Wipe Dash & Doors. $10

    Cancellation Policy

    Cancellation and rescheduling is accepted up until 48 hours of the booking. If you cancel, a $40 deposit fee will be subtracted from your refund. If you reschedule, there will be no fees. Refunds will be immediately sent on cancellations and take 5-7 business day to process with the payment systems.

    Contact Details

    +1 4696296775


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