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Mobile Fleet Car Detailing

Fleet detailing is something that we at On The Spot Mobile Detailing take serious. Its important that every customer that comes into your dealership, every customer that sees your fleet of branded trucks, and all potential clients that use your fleet of vehicles to have a great experience. A huge part of that is what they see. If they see dirt and grime everywhere on the cars, it immediately effects their perception of the company.

So keeping your vehicles detailed and washed is an important part of the customer service process as well as advertising. Finding employees to do the job right every time can be costly and need oversight. Having a company that has established quality practices and a well trained staff is ideal for your business to receive the best value with coupled flawless practices that leave your fleet of vehicles looking like they have never been touched. On The Spot is a mobile car detailing company in Dallas, TX that specializes in fleet detailing. Give us a try today!

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