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No Spare Tire In Some New Cars| Dallas Roadside Assistance

Some new cars are being sold without a spare tire causing a need for more roadside assistance in Dallas. We have seen BMW's, Hondas, and others that have no spare in the trunk from the factory by design. We do not understand this in some cases as there still is a wheel well still built into the trunk with a can of fix-a-flat and a air compressor from the manufacturer.

This seemed like a joke at first but it is true, so check if you have a spare now just so you know for the future, and our recommendation would be to buy one and keep it in the trunk just in case. We can still help you out on the road as we will still take you to a tire shop to get a new tire and put it back on for you. So don't hesitate to call us when you are in a jam. We will provide Dallas roadside assistance and be there "On The Spot."

Contact us at for help or call 469-629-6775 for immediate help

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